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Bariatric Surgery Results: How Long Do They Last?

Blog 23 May, 2018

It is important for the bariatric surgery to be performed in a way that the treatment gives long-term relief to the patient. You will not only need a doctor trained for performing bariatric surgery in the best possible manner but someone who also understands nutritional requirements post surgery. Bariatric surgery  requires long term post surgery follow up with the surgeon and bariatric nutritionist in order to asses the weight loss progress being made and to prevent any nutritional deficiencies.

How much weight will I loose?

This is probably the most commonly asked question in our OPD. The weight loss is estimated in terms of excess body weight, for example if someone weighs 100 kg and the optimum weight for his or her height is 60kg then the excess body weight is 40 kg. We have seen that patients loose approximately 70-90 % of excess body weight provided post surgery advice is followed and life style changes are made accordingly.

He/She lost more than me!

Weight Loss is never identical in two individuals therefore it is wrong to compare after surgery. Higher the BMI more dramatic is the initial weight loss, it is the percentage of excess body weight lost that is more important.

Will i regain weight after two or three years?

It cannot be emphasized enough that life style changes are as important as the surgery itself, anyone telling otherwise is not being honest. Apprpriate life style changes ensures that the results are long term.

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